10 Pinterest Boards Every Business Should Consider

Excerpted from the new book Entrepreneur Magazine’s Ultimate Guide to Pinterest For BusinessPinterest for Business - Cover Art

Pinterest—as the name aptly indicates—is all about pinning images of interest to your visitors. The content you feature (your pins) and the way you organize them (your boards) are what define and promote your brand in your audience’s eyes. Here are 10 boards every business should consider in building their brand.

1. Boards That Are Tangential To Your Topic

Most brand boards speak to the obvious themes, subjects, areas of interest, and issues that are important to their clients and potential clients. But boards that aren’t spot-on with your business but are related in some way, can be a draw. For example, if you sell high-end stainless steel cookware, it’s a safe bet that your visitors are foodies, chefs, or cooks. While a board on party planning might not be directly related to your products, it is tangentially related and would be of interest to your audience.

For example: The Food Network (http://pinterest.com/foodnetwork/), features not only recipes but entertainment and holiday craft ideas as well—both of which are a natural extension for their core audience.

Their “Let’s Celebrate” board has both a Fourth of July pin for a strawberry rhubarb shortcake as well as several red, white, and blue tabletop decorating ideas.

2. Boards that Feature Feedback for Your Business

Thinking about launching a new service or product? Looking for opinions about how a particular aspect of your business is being received? Want to know what your customers like or don’t like about your offers or delivery? Try a virtual focus group by creating a Pinterest board that allows you to test what your target market thinks. Brand managers can post and pay attention to what is getting liked, repinned, and commented on, then pivot as needed.

3. Boards that Promote Upcoming Events

If your business is hosting a training, meeting, or upcoming event, create a board that introduces it to your audience. Some ways to promote the event without being overly spammy include pinning information about:

  • The speakers
  • Workshops and other educational breakouts n Sponsors
  • Location and surrounding area
  • Special events within the event
  • Blog posts related to the topic of the event n Special offers for early registration
  • Event photos and attendee comments

4. SAQ and SAQ Boards

You know the types of questions your clients are always asking … and you know the ones they should be asking—the SAQs. Create a board for each type, and use them as a place to send curious clients.

5. Boards That Showcase Your Company Culture

Generate greater customer engagement by giving your clients an inside peak at your business through a board or boards that offer a feel for your company’s style, ideas, projects, and commitments.

For example Whole Foods (http://pinterest.com/wholefoods/) has a board called Whole Planet Foundation that features pins of projects from around the globe that reinforce the Whole Foods commitment to sustainability, organic farming, and green in general, as well as inspirational sayings that reflect the company’s whole living message.

6. Boards that Provide Social Proof

According to Wikipedia, social proof is “a psychological phenomenon where people assume the actions of others in an attempt to reflect correct behavior for a given situation.” In other words, if it worked for the Joneses, it should work for me. There are several flavors of boards you can create that will help create social proof.

  • Feature Your Customers Using Your Brand
  • Create a board that shows how current customers are using, interacting with, and integrating your product or service into their businesses.

One way to do this is to ask people to send you photos of them engaging with your brand.

You can also provide social proof with boards that profile your customers.

A board that showcases who your customers are, what they do, and links back to their websites establishes you as credible.

7. Educational Value and How To Content

What learning can you offer your customers based on your business, book, or product? Boards based on “how to” information do very well on Pinterest. So if you have access to content (video or print) that can educate, inform, teach, or transfer knowledge to your audience, by all means create some boards around it.

The nice thing is that as long as the information relates to your business, it doesn’t even have to be your original content, so long as you properly credit it.

For example, Flourish Design Studio (http://pinterest.com/weheartdesign/) has a board titled “Wordpress Training” that features a whole series of pinned how-to videos on using WordPress, covering everything from how to create links to embedding video.

The kicker is that these videos were not created by Flourish but by a site called wp.tutsplus.com. Flourish has simply pinned them and given proper credit and a link to the content creator’s website.

8. Holiday Boards

Users are always searching for fun things to pin at the holidays, including things to wear, eat, create, do, and buy. Holiday boards allow you to capture some of this traffic and increase exposure for your brand by pinning relevant and timely images.

For example, Chobani (http://pinterest.com/chobani/), a yogurt company, has over 21,000 followers. Their “Holiday Treats” board features non-yogurt goodies users can make. Pins such as Mummy Meatloaf, Skeleton Brownies, and Shamrock Spinach Quiche all entice users searching for fun holiday foods to click on their profile.Top 10 Ways to Use Pinterest - Full

9. Discussion Groups

Like an online forum, a Pinterest discussion group board features a designated topic for discussion and invites other pinners to weigh in with responses in the description box. For example, PediaStaff (http://pinterest.com/pediastaff/) has over 34,000 followers and 130 boards, several of which are dedicated to discussion groups. The School Psych Discussion Group hosts a board where they encourage school psychologists to talk about ideas or resources they see on Pinterest.

10. Ebooks On Your Expertise

Most companies are built around a particular expertise. A great way to share yours is to create boards that relate to eBooks (or whitepapers) you have written. The cover of your eBook makes a good image to pin since it makes it crystal clear what the user is looking at. Be sure to link the image to the page on your website where the eBook can be downloaded.

Before you even begin to bring new boards into being, it’s a smart strategic move to consider what types of boards would serve you best given your overall Pinterest marketing goals. The above boards are just a starting point in the limitless possibilities on Pinterest.

Karen Leland is the bestselling author of 8 business books including the recently released Entrepreneur Magazine’s Ultimate Guide to Pinterest For Business, which can be purchased at Amazon as a hard copy or kindle version. She is the president of Sterling Marketing Group, where she works with small businesses and Fortune 500 on building stronger personal brands for leaders and entrepreneurs and business and team brands for organizations. She writes the Modern Marketing Blog at www.karenleland.com.

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What’s an Embargoed Press Release?

Sometimes a press release is distributed early but with an embargo. When you embargo a press release you request that news organizations not report or write on the story until a specified day and time. That way the media can start on the story and publish it after the embargo date. If your news is technical or may require a lot of research an embargo gives reporters time to conduct interviews, do research, etc.

Product or media reviewers are commonly given a sample or preview of a product before its released to the public (same with books).

When should you use an embargo?

Use an embargo to give the media a chance to review upcoming news in advance. It may be information prior to an event, or the text of a speech that has not been delivered (this happens when the president or dignitary is about to make an important announcement), or announce the results of a study that has not been published. Just because you embargo a press release doesn’t guarantee it will be honored, but it’s a best practice and most will honor it.

How to embargo a press release

If you’re releasing news via an online press release distribution site, you don’t need to use an embargo. That also means you do not need to write FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE at the top. That’s only necessary when you’re sending news to a reporter or blogger (so they understand that it’s not embargoed). If you choose to use an embargo, you need to state that at the top of your press release.

Embargoed for Release at 12 PM, EDT, Friday, August 12, 2011

How much in advance should you send an embargoed press release?

You should embargo your press release at least one week in advance.

Have you ever embargoed a press release? Share your experience or tips in the comments!


Major Cleaning Up Taking Place…We’ve Just Been SO Busy, Sorry!


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We continue to create and distribute SEO press releases, organize blogger campaigns, and many other interesting things to give authors, bloggers and consultants the publicity they deserve.

Oh, and we’ve been working on many of our own things too. For example, Janet works heavily with Pinterest at PinnableBusiness and Ponn keeps launching blogs and kindle books with her 3 daughters, also known as The Sabra Sisters.

Since the Internet and social media continues to change daily, we’re actually in the “application” phase (putting our knowledge into action) rather than the “sharing” (posting formally as blogposts) phase. We really hope to change that with the remainder of 2013.

If there’s any one thing you want us to publish first, feel free to comment below!

Thanks for your patience and continued support.

What’s a Media Advisory?

When to Write a Media Advisory

You can write a media advisory to invite the media to a special event like a press conference or speech. It needs to be brief and give the essential information only. Your goal is to:

  • Advise the media about an upcoming event -give the topic, date, time, location, and speakers involved.
  • Encourage or persuade the media to send someone to cover the event.
  • Provide a contact name and telephone number reporters can use to get additional information.

How to Write a Media Advisory

eHow has a nice easy-to-follow step-by-step process http://www.ehow.com/how_2178064_write-media-advisory.html

Media Advisory Template

You can purchase our template to save time and just fill in the blanks. Also included:

  • How to write a media advisory
  • Examples of media advisories
  • Information about how far in advance you should send an advisory
  • How to distribute an advisory
  • Media advisory template

Guidelines for Distribution

The guidelines for disseminating press releases and media advisories are generally the same, except for the timing of distribution. Media advisories should be sent three to five days before an event. They also should be sent out again the morning of an event to remind reporters to attend.

Target media that will be most interested in your issue or event (see how to develop media lists in the chapter on Media). For example, you may want to send a press release to all the health and medical writers, editors, and broadcast correspondents in your state. For another press release, you may want to send it to all the trade publications and online reporters in your community. Press releases also can be sent to corporate or university newsletters, as well as to public information offices of local governments, social service agencies, or nonprofit organizations.

5 Tips to Promoting Your Website with a Press Release

Here are my rules for promoting a website with a press release:

  • Start with a compelling story. Note the storyline and the main points you want to make. Usually that means illustrating a common pain point or trying to illicit an emotional response from your readers. Unless you’re a big name one really cares that you have a new product, CEO or that you’ll be at an upcoming trade show.


  • If possible tie your news into a bigger, more universal story. For example, Write your story so it appeals to your target market – their challenges and interests. Avoid using jargon or references to your company culture or industry that others may not understand. Instead, make your press release inviting and accessible. Don’t make your readers have to think too hard.


  • Put the most important information first: who, what, when, where, why.


  • Reiterate or personalize the story in the quotations. In other words, the quotes should mean something and should make people want to read the entire story. Often people skim over your press release before they decide to read more.There is nothing I hate more than boring quotes that don’t mean anything. They usually say, “we’re excited about our new…” why are you excited? How does your story help people? That’s more compelling.


  • Keep ego out of it. Sometimes companies overdo it by putting their name above the story or see a press release as a way to brag or prove themselves. Especially in their broilerplates they find many variations of saying they are first, number one, the best, etc. How about give some stats or results that say that or reference someone else saying that you are. Or, better, what you do best for your customers or clients (your value to others).My take on it is that people care more about the human element than the company name. If they care they will find out who you are and they’ll remember you.

When I wrote a press release for Shoemoney free, I did it for two reasons. One, it’s Shoemoney and the exposure is worth way more than the money. Two, it was for a nonprofit that has the potential to impact people’s lives. I get satisfaction for making a contribution. I’m not saying money is not important or that I plan on doing my work free a lot, but that in this case it made sense.

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Top 5 Social Media/PR Tweets – Link Bait Edition

Today’s edition focuses on link bait – the content you create and hope people will share.

Wikipedia puts it this way: Link bait is any content or feature, within a website, designed specifically to gain attention or encourage others to link to the website.

Here are our 5 favorite tweets of the week:

Here are this weeks top tweets:

  1. 9 Tips for Speaking to the Media http://bit.ly/g3UFvg #PR
  2. When should you send your press release? http://bit.ly/lKtAMR
  3. How to optimize link bait for SEO and influence http://selnd.com/qj1dbC
  4. 3 #PR Infographics you can learn from http://bit.ly/pWiEbR
  5. How Pitch a Blogger, from a Blogger http://bit.ly/ruE4Jz

Have you had success with link bait? Please share in the comments (and we might feature your story in a future post).

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